Contrary to Popular Belief, Kobe Has Always Been a Willing Facilitator

Written by: Fern Rea Kobe Bryant continues to get portrayed in the media and by fans as a selfish, high volume shooter who refuses to trust his teammates. Such things have been said as Kobe having tunnel vision and only caring about his statistical achievements. Some say that he only cares about his legacy andContinue reading “Contrary to Popular Belief, Kobe Has Always Been a Willing Facilitator”

Twitter Wars: Kobe’s Offense the Problem? @JfromCompton v @raining3sdotcom

I was driving to pick up my daughter last night after work when I heard a few segments of some late night sports talk radio show on 710 ESPN. The host, J from Compton, led the discourse of tying the Lakers current woes to Kobe Bryant’s shot selection and volume. He mentioned other problems asContinue reading “Twitter Wars: Kobe’s Offense the Problem? @JfromCompton v @raining3sdotcom”

You Can’t Win in the NBA With a Volume Shooter? History Says You’re Wrong

Chris Broussard of ESPN wrote a piece today explaining how Kobe Bryant’s offensive performance this season is hurting the Los Angeles Lakers more than it is helping them. He even provides statistical analysis and opinions of reputable people in the NBA that back his position.