How Many Wins Are Needed For Lakers to Make the Playoffs? We Project

*** 1/22/13 update: Click here for the most updated version of this story. *** To say the Lakers are off to a disappointing start is an enormous understatement. After acquiring the best center on the planet Dwight Howard and one of the best point guards in the league in Stave Nash, the expectations rose toContinue reading “How Many Wins Are Needed For Lakers to Make the Playoffs? We Project”

You Can’t Win in the NBA With a Volume Shooter? History Says You’re Wrong

Chris Broussard of ESPN wrote a piece today explaining how Kobe Bryant’s offensive performance this season is hurting the Los Angeles Lakers more than it is helping them. He even provides statistical analysis and opinions of reputable people in the NBA that back his position.

Kobe’s High Volume Shooting is Not The Lakers Problem

The Lakers struggles this season has brought about many different theories as to the reason. Not surprisingly, but still disappointing, many have pointed their finger once again in the direction of Kobe Bryant. Forget that he is a 5 time NBA champion playing the same why he has played today as he did on thoseContinue reading “Kobe’s High Volume Shooting is Not The Lakers Problem”