Foot Locker, Nike’s Made by Kobe Commercial Campaign a Masterpiece (Video)

Kobe starts the process of building a Piano by working down a carefully selected piece of  wood in his new Nike commercial.
Kobe starts the process of building a Grand Piano by working down a carefully selected piece of wood in his new Nike commercial.

Witnessing Kobe Bryant’s 17 year career, we are fully aware of the type of craftsmanship resulting from his skilled hands; the numerous awe-inspiring plays, all 31, 700 points and 5 NBA championships were all masterpieces.

In Foot Lockers and Nike’s new commercial ad campaign for the Kobe 9 Collection shoe line, titled “Made by Kobe”, they show that Kobe’s masterful skills go well beyond the basketball court.

The Kobe Light Bulb

The Kobe Piano featuring Kobe

Kobe is still recovering from a knee injury that he suffered in a win at Memphis in mid December and with only 18 games and a little more than a month remaining in the season it is unlikely that Kobe will return before next season. In the interim, it is nice to see Kobe in action, even if it’s not helping turn around the Lakers franchise that is currently in complete disarray. I guess for now we have to settle for him creating things like the “grandest, grand masterpiece, of grand pianos” or a light bulb that will “end global warming while giving you a luxurious tropical tan.”

– Fern Rea

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