The Petitions to Fire Mike D’Antoni are Booming


The flames that represent the Lakers’ fan base burning desire to have Mike D’Antoni fired as head coach were set long ago. Following last night’s embarrassing and record breaking 48 point defeat to the Los Angeles Clippers, those flames have been fanned into a raging inferno that is sweeping quickly through Los Angeles.

Naturally when a segment of the populous demands change from an organization it works feverishly to gather support for its cause and influence change from those that make decisions for the organization. That is exactly what is happening within the Lakers’ fan base. One fan in particular is attempting to influence those within the Lakers’ organization by drumming up support for his online petition on to have the Lakers’ coach Mike D’Antoni fired.

The creator of the petition titled “Fire Coach Mike D’Antoni“, is named Erik Padilla from Los Angeles, CA. He uses some pretty strong words in summing up his position.

We the people, fans of the greatest NBA franchise in existence, are petitioning for the termination of Coach Mike D’Antoni. It has become clear to us that his basketball philosophy does not meet the championship standards of our team. In addition, his mismanaging of players have lead to the departure of key pieces to our team and has added unnecessary tension in the locker room. These actions have furthermore lessened his value as a coaching asset and viable candidate to coach the Lakers. Join us in petitioning for the dismissal of Mike D’Antoni and help us to gain back the respect that we deserve as the championship oriented basketball team that we are.

As of the date and time of time of this article there were 318 supporters that signed the online petition. While that is not many, its gaining support quickly as there were only 268 that had signed the petition when I began typing this article 20 minutes ago. If that pace of 50 signatures every 20 minutes continue we could be looking at 150 per hour which equates to 3,600 per day. April 16, 2014 is the last day of the NBA season, which is 41 days away. In 41 days we could be looking at a total of 147,600 supporters of the petition to fire Mike D’Antoni. 147k potential Lakers consumers would surely get the attention of Lakers’ management. Of course, if the Lakers continue their plight as the worse Lakers team in Los Angeles Lakers history and experience more 40 plus point defeats, a call for action from the fans should not be needed.

If you would like to sign the petition please visit the Fire Coach Mike D’Antoni petition on

– Fern Rea

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