Most Obscure NBA Bobblehead Collection: #2 Darius Miles

The 2nd inductee of the Most Obscure NBA Bobblehead Collection is former high school phenom, Darius Miles. Darius played 7 years in the NBA and is probably best known for his time with the Los Angeles Clippers where he formed a pretty exciting young and athletic nucleus that included Quentin Richardson, Lamar Odom, Corey MaggetteContinue reading “Most Obscure NBA Bobblehead Collection: #2 Darius Miles”

2014 NBA All Star Game Reserves Announced

The voting for the NBA All Star Game Reserves was released today by the NBA. The starters were announced last week and voted on by the fans. The reserves however are voted in by the NBA coaches vote which makes some of the selections a little surprising. In the West, the biggest surprise was whoContinue reading “2014 NBA All Star Game Reserves Announced”

Kobe Voted into 16th All Star Game. Love Beats out Dwight Howard

Despite Kobe Bryant’s wishes, NBA fans have voted him into his 16th NBA All Star Game. Kobe received 988,884 fan votes even though he has only appeared 6 games this season. Kobe informed reporters

Most Obscure NBA Bobblehead Collection: #1 Keon Clark

The bobblehead, or nodder, has been around for over a hundred years; however, it is only within the last 50 years that they have gained in popularity. Now bobbleheads are mass produced by companies like Upper Deck and given away in the thousands as promotional items at stadiums and corporate events. The first professional sportsContinue reading “Most Obscure NBA Bobblehead Collection: #1 Keon Clark”

NBA Got it Right; Hibbert Gets Fine but No Suspension for Homophobic Slur

In Sunday’s post game interview with a room full of reporters, Roy Hibbert very subtly uttered an offensive homephobic slur; if you weren’t paying close attention, you likely missed it. I know I missed it when it initially occurred. But, in today’s age of social media, youtube and saturated news coverage, nothing gets missed.

Great ‘Forever Kobe’ NBA ‘Big’ Spot – But What About the Dunk?

The NBA’s tagline in their newest campaign is “Big” and showcases Kobe Bryant in their most recent spot. The 30 second commercial starts off with a young Kobe wearing the old number 8 jersey taking off, cocking his arm back and about to bring down a thunderous dunk on the head of the poor sapContinue reading “Great ‘Forever Kobe’ NBA ‘Big’ Spot – But What About the Dunk?”