Women of Lakers Fandom: Fitness Focused and Driven, Karina Rodriguez

Photo: Instagram, @katrina_manuela
Photo: Instagram, @katrina_manuela

A fan base is usually seen as this massive, faceless body of individuals, rarely worth the time to cover any deeper than a quick panning shot of a crowd during a telecast of a game. 

Rarely do we ever take the time to sift through the mishmash of fans to uncover if there is something more than just loud background noise and ambiance for games, even though there are many incredible fans amongst the crowd with stories worthy of being told and faces to be seen.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ popularity has led to forming the largest body of fans for an NBA team in the United States. It is in this mammoth size of a pool that we’ll focus on and search for those incredible people with stories that inspire.

Shrinking that enormous pool down to size, we will zero in specifically on the women that make up the Lakers fan base. Women that are passionate about and loyal to the Lakers, but also display qualities such as incredible work ethic, drive, intelligence and a commitment to living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Yes, we look for beauty, but not simply in the superficial sense. We take a look at the collective whole of the woman and expose the beauty on a much deeper level. One that is earned through hard work, not just passed down through genes.

With that said, we couldn’t have found a better woman to launch this feature; a woman who embodies every one of the aforementioned qualities. We introduce you to Karina Rodriguez.

Photo: instagram, karina_manuela
Photo: instagram, karina_manuela

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3 thoughts on “Women of Lakers Fandom: Fitness Focused and Driven, Karina Rodriguez

  1. I actually spent the time to read the profile. Very impressed with both her accomplishments and of course how fine she is.

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