Kendall Marshall Gets Clowned On Instagram and Nick Young Likes


A lot has been made about the skirmish involving Nick Young and the Phoenix Suns following a hard foul by Alex Len on Young in Wednesday night’s game. The talk has been about the response, or lack thereof, of Young’s Lakers teammates.

In the second quarter with about 7 minutes to play till halftime, Nick Young  leaks out on a break and to prevent the easy basket Suns’ rookie Alex Len commits a hard foul on Nick Young while he is in full flight and defenseless in the air; the vicious forearm strike to Young’s head knocks him to the floor.

Young fuming after hitting the floor hard, jumps up and attempts to rush Len but is met by all five Phoenix Suns players that were on the court at that time. What was noticeably missing were any Lakers there by Young’s side to provide support or even a helping hand.

After the game, Young let his disappointment be heard when asked by a reporter.

“What I’m mad about is it was 1-on-5, I felt like,” Young said.

Probably the biggest offender of doing nothing to support his teammate was Kendall Marshall. You can make certain that would not be missed. Pictured above is the revealing and hilarious Meme with a nice birds eye view shot of the action was created and posted on Instagram. What is funnier is that Nick Young hit the like button on this photo shortly after the game.

We’ll wait to see if there is any response to the Nick Young / Kendall Marshall Memes incident later. The Lakers play the Celtics in Boston tomorrow.

– Fern Rea

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