Kobe Proudly Posts Picture of Vanessa Bryant in Sexy Two Piece

@kobebryant on Instagram
@kobebryant on Instagram


Update: The picture was taken down from Kobe Bryant’s Instagram account as you can see by  above. 

Kobe Bryant has provided Lakers fans 17 years of magnificent play on the court, dedication and winning upon winning. Another thing he has given us and something that we are undyingly grateful for is bringing the beautiful Vanessa Bryant into our consciousness.

Kobe did us one better the other day by posting a picture of his wife Vanessa in a sexy two piece bathing suit on Instragram. In the captions below the picture some of Kobe hashtags read #allreal #Ishouldknow. Yes, Kobe should know and now we do. Thanks Kobe. Thanks Instragram. Now lets get a picture up that will really get Lakers fans excited, a sexy picture of his perfectly healed achilles.

– Fern Rea

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One thought on “Kobe Proudly Posts Picture of Vanessa Bryant in Sexy Two Piece

  1. he wants to trade Bynum. He is making cotenmms on his observations that he sees. I am 100% sure that Kevin would not want to trade Bynum for any other center (save for Dwight). Second, Kobe, Bynum, and Pau should all be held accountable for what they do. We held Fisher accountable, we hold Blake accountable now, and we go for MB’s throat for every loss and every 15 point lead we lose. Everyone should be open to the discussion.There’s nothing wrong with what Kevin has said. Bynum has been slacking lately on Defense. He never once said that Bynum isn’t an amazing offensive Center. He gave statistics to try and prove his point. Disagree with him, but back it up. So we can all look at the stats you show and decide for ourselves.

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