Kobe to Stop Tweets During Lakers Games; Channels His Inner George Lopez

kobe bryant twitter tweets during games

Due to the amount of media attention received from Kobe Bryant‘s tweets during Sunday’s Los Angeles Lakers v San Antonio Spurs game, Kobe has decided to not tweet during Lakers games going forward. Kobe’s tweets were displayed during ABC national telecast on Sunday and were a hot topic of reporters in the Lakers’ locker after the game.

Kobe’s tweets provided fans with great insight into the Lakers’ game from the guy that is most familiar with this Lakers team. It allowed fans to get a glimpse of what Kobe is like on the sidelines of the game, shouting out instructions and trying to motivate teammates. Kobe is currently house ridden as he recovers from surgery to repair his ruptured achilles.

That insight from Kobe will be no more and the ones that lose out here are the fans. Still, its the right move as it would continue to be a distraction to the team going forward. Kobe announced this news on Twitter with a touch of humor.

I’d like to actually love to see Kobe do his George Lopez impersonation. It is unclear when Kobe will be allowed to actually leave his home and join the team on the sidelines for games. Hopefully, the Lakers are around long enough in these playoffs to allow Kobe to recover and join them on the bench.

– Fern Rea “@fullcourtfern”

Published by Fern Rea "@fullcourtfern"

Writer & NBA fan who’s been hooked since the days of Magic v Bird. I love basketball debates that dont end in a knife fight. My BBall nickname: “Todo El Dia” (All Day.) Hit me up on Twitter @fullcourtfern or Instagram: @raining3sallday

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