2012 Top Ten Gifts for your Special Lakers Fan

Today is what is known as Black Friday that is traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year. Many are hitting the malls today to get great bargains on gifts for their loved ones, or not so loved but enough that you need to pick up a gift. With the massive following of the Los Angeles Lakers its an almost certainty that there is at least one person on that shopping list that happens to be a huge Lakers fan. Raining3s.com has provided a list of some great gift ideas that are reasonably priced and practical for your Lakers fan.

10. Lakers Grilling Apron set. Perfect for that Lakers fan that is always manning the grill at BBQs. This is a great gift because it is one that will actually get some use. This item is being offered by Biggsports.com for $24.99.

9. Chick Hearn T Shirt. Considered by many, including myself, the greatest Laker of all time, All world play by play announcer Chick Hearn is honored with this great looking and creative T-Shirt. The shirt displays a purple outlined chick with some headphones, along with a scroll at the bottom showing the years of Chick Hearn’s life on a gold T. The shirt is offered by Lakersnation.com on their website for $19.95.

8. Black Throwback Lakers Hoodie. There is a large selection of Lakers sweaters, jackets and hoodies, but we selected this for our list because of its practicality. Its black so it will go with most of someone’s wardrobe and displays just the right amount of logos and lettering. The contrast of the yellow logo and lettering on the black fabric give it a very sharp and distinct look.  We found this particular hoodie we at the Yahoo! Sports team store for $94.95.

7. Kobe Bryant 5x champion Bobble Head. This is by far the best of the Kobe Bryant bobbleheads out there. The bobble head is of Kobe Bryant holding a championship trophy on one arm and his 2008 MVP award on the other. In addition, at this feet you get the other 4 championship trophies. If you have someone that is a huge Kobe fan this is a must get. We found this one at Amazon.com for $ 44.99.

6. Adidas Dwight Howard Superman T-Shirt. This a great T-Shirt to give out as a gift because its newer than most being it was just released a few months ago when Dwight was signed and it has a nice big Superman logo on the front. Great for those fans that are both fans of the Lakers and Superheroes. This shirt is being offered at NBA.com for $24.99.

5. 2012-2013 Media guide and Magnet Schedule. These items are going to be a hard get because they only gave these two items out on opening day so you are just not going to be able to pick these up at any store. However, you can shop places like Ebay and pick up either of the two for a reasonable price. The media guide with the big four of Kobe, Dwight, Nash and Gasol is a great souvenir that any Lakers fan will covet and the magnet schedule is a must have for any Lakers fan looking for a convenient way to keep with the schedule. The one pictured here is being sold together by a seller on Ebay.

*12/10/12 update: the auction on Ebay mentioned above has ended. Here are some others that as of today still have this item for sale:

$19.99 buy it now for Media Guide only


$14.00 buy it now for Media Guid only


$7.99 buy it now for 2012-13 Lakers Magnet Schedule only


4. Lakers Fatheads. These are just awesome display pieces for the wall of a bedroom or game room of that special Lakers fan.  Fathead.com offers various Lakers displays, from Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Steve Nash or you can get something simple like the Lakers logo. You will want to make certain that the person you are shopping for has the room because the fatheads are massive, most run about 6 to 7 feet tall and 4 to 5 feet wide. The Kobe Bryant Fathead pictured is being offered at Fathead.com currently on sale for $49.99.

3. Kareem Abdul Jabber Limited Edition Bobble Head. This will also be a hard get this Christmas season but well worth it as that gift for your Lakers fan. The bobble head was given out to commemorate the unveiling of Kareem’s statue in front of Staples Center. Its a great looking bobblehead with Kareem in his signature sky hook pose. Your best bet is to search for item on EBay. The one picture here is being offered at $35.00.

2. Lakers toaster. You might think that a toaster that imprints the Lakers logo on toast isnt practical, maybe, but how cool is this. The way we see it is that this Lakers fan already has to make toast on a regular basis, why not have it be toast that they can be stoked about. Its probably not a must have, but its a gift that any Lakers fan would love to have but probably never decide to spend their own money to get for themselves. This is where you come in. This item is being offered by Sportsfanfare.com for $44.99.

1. New Lakers Home White Jersey. The Lakers will unveil this new uni on Christmas Day. How great would it be for that special Lakers fan to be able to sport the same jersey as the Lakers on Christmas. This will likely be one of the best selling Lakers gift item this Christmas so it would probably be best to buy early. We found this jersey at the Lakers store on NBA.com for $89.99.

* update 12/10/12. Looks like the Christmas Day jerseys have already sold out at NBA.com because they are no longer offering this jersey. We removed the link above because that page is no longer available. We’ll keep searching for other sites that offer this jersey and update the page.

*update 12/15/12. Found a store that sells the Winter Court Jersey. They are about an additional $40 than what they were going for at NBA.com but you cant get them there anymore. They are going for 110.34 at Lakersstore.com.


– Fern Rea “@fullcourtfern.com” and “@raining3s_com”

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