Lakers announce Ramon Sessions to start tonight against Blazers

In a move that everybody, from fans to NBA observers, had anticipated was finally made officially today when Mike Brown announced that Ramon Sessions will be in the starting line up tonight against the Portland Trailblazers. Lakers reporter Mike Trudell reported the announcement on his twitter feed. Mike Brown had previously stated that he would start Steve Blake for the foreseeable future, but after Steve Blake struggled in this new role as the starter and combine that with how stellar Sessions had been during his time on the floor, it became obvious that starting Sessions was the necessary move.

In Ramon Sessions’ 4 games since coming to the Lakers he has averaged 12 points and 6 assist per game. Ramon is also shooting an incredibly efficient 57 %from the field in those 4 games. Conversely, in that same 4 game span as a starter, Steve Blake has struggled mightily. Blake is averaging 1.2 points and 3.3 assist per game while shooting a woeful 16 % from the field. Statistics aside, the Lakers play on the floor appeared fluid and moved at a faster pace with Sessions on the floor.

Many have stated that Sessions would be better suited coming in off the bench in order to provide a much needed scoring punch to an anemic Lakers bench. However, with the poor play of Blake as a starter the Lakers could not afford to get off to slow starts. In Tuesday’s game against the Mavericks the Lakers had fallen behind 8 points when he was subbed for Ramon Sessions. Almost immediately after the insertion of Sessions the Lakers play picked up and they were able to take the lead. The same scenario occurred in the 2nd half as the Lakers were unable to distance themselves at the start but once Sessions entered the game the Lakers were able to extend on their lead and put the game away. Sessions was an eye-popping +28 when he was on the floor for the Lakers.

Lakers are hoping that with Steve Blake returning to his role as back up point guard he will be able to get out of his recent funk.

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