Lakers v Clippers showing on Prime Ticket provides many in L.A. first glimpse of new look Lakers

Due to the inability of Time Warner Cable to strike deals with most of the major cable and satellite carriers in Los Angeles to carry the new stations that now have the exclusive rights to show the local broadcast of all Lakers games in the Los Angeles market, TWC Sportsnet and its Spanish language counterpart TWC Deportes, much of the enormous Lakers fan base in and around Los Angeles have been unable to watch the new look Lakers this season.

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Updated list of bars with Time Warner Cable showing the Lakers game

Due to the continued stalemate between Time Warner Cable and the major pay TV carriers in Los Angeles, the new Lakers‘ station TWC Sportsnet and TWC Deportes, which have exclusive rights to show all Lakers game this year, the only way Lakers fan will be able to see the Lakers this year is by either subscribing to Time Warner Cable or going to an establishment that has Time Warner Cable. The major problem is that most bars and restaurants that center their business around showing sports programming have Directv. identified a need to put a list together of bars and restaurants that both subscribe Time Warner Cable and will show Lakers games for us Lakers fans. I would recommend calling ahead or clicking on the website link we provided to get more information about their menu, whether they sell alcohol and confirm they are showing the Lakers game on a particular night. Here is the most comprehensive list of its kind out there:

Updated 11/1/2012 with 5 new bars or restaurants!!
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Search of Bars in L.A. showing tonight’s Lakers game coming up sparse

Update 11/2/12 !!: Please click here for new post with updated list of bars showing our Lakers.  

Until the stalled negotiations between Time Warner Cable and the other pay television providers like Directv, Dish, etc, for the rights to show their fresh, crisp new cable station, Sportsnet, I didn’t realize how Directv had a strangle hold on the pay tv market in Los Angeles.

For those that might not know, the Lakers and Time Warner Cable came to terms on a massive deal for exclusive rights to show all Lakers home and road games in the L.A. market. Time Warner launched two new regional sports stations, Sportsnet and the Spanish equivalent Deportes, which will air all the Lakers games in the L.A. market. What that means is anybody that is not a subscriber of Time Warner Cable will not be able to catch Lakers games until your pay TV subscriber agree to terms with Time Warner to broadcast the newly created stations.

I began my random search of bars and restaurants in the Los Angeles area at 8:30 am. I cold called various bars and restaurants throughout the Los Angeles area. As I write this blog post it is 2:30pm and I have found just 1 bar that does not have Directv and does have Time Warner. The sole bar that I found is former Rams kicker Tony Zendejas’ sports bar Zendejas Mexican Restaurant in San Dimas. If you Lakers fans are like me and desperate to take a look at the new additions of the Lakers like Steve Nash here is their information:

Zendejas Mexican Restaurant
665 West Arrow Highway
San Dimas, CA 91773
(909) 592-6762

Zendejas Website link

I’ll be up there checking out the game. If I happen to talk to you and you mention that you found the bar by reading this blog I’ll buy you a beer.

– Fern Rea
– @fullcourtfern