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Twitter Wars: Is Kobe’s Offense the Problem?

Kobe shooting

I was driving to pick up my daughter last night after work when I heard a few segments of some late night sports talk radio show on 710 ESPN. The host, J from Compton, led the discourse of tying the Lakers current woes to Kobe Bryant’s shot selection and volume. He mentioned other problems as well but the discussion was dominated by Kobe’s offense. It’s a tired topic that routinely resurfaces anytime a Kobe led Lakers team begins to struggle.

The continued disrespect and utter lack of appreciation of what Kobe brings is mind-boggling. Scratch that, its mind blowing, and in the bad and gory way, not the good mind blowing.

Kobe Bryant is, was and will always be a go for the throat, relentless, unconscionable, aggressive scoring machine.

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The Return of Oswald Bates on Radio 710 ESPN Los Angeles

Growing up I was a huge fan of the skit comedy show In Living Color that starred creators/comedians Keenan Ivory and Damon Wayans. The show ran for about 5 years and had quite a bit of talent on the show that went on to become big stars: Jamie Fox, Jim Carey and Jennifer Lopez to name a few.

Arguable, (in my book there is no argument) the real star of the show was Damon Wayans who’s characters were the most humorous and memorable of the show. I might even say iconic in some cases. When thinking of the early 90s at some point Damon’s characters on In Living Color start coming to mind, such as:
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