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Lakers Lose Another Free Agent Target. Reports Kevin Love Deal Done. 

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Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reported today that the trade for Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Andrew Wiggins and other pieces has been agreed to by both sides and will be completed as soon as it is allowed by league rules.  Continue reading

Writer & NBA fan who’s been hooked since the days of Magic v Bird. Love basketball debates without it ending in a knife fight. My BBall nickname: “Todo El Dia” (All Day.) Hit me up on Twitter @fullcourtfern or Instagram: @raining3sdotcom
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Complete 2014 NBA Draft Results

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The NBA completed their draft today and their were a few surprises, although the top of the draft went as expected with Andrew Wiggins being taken 1st overall by Cleveland followed by Jabari Parker who was selected by Milwaukee. Continue reading

Writer & NBA fan who’s been hooked since the days of Magic v Bird. Love basketball debates without it ending in a knife fight. My BBall nickname: “Todo El Dia” (All Day.) Hit me up on Twitter @fullcourtfern or Instagram: @raining3sdotcom

Kobe Game Time Decision for Tonight. Gasol To Return No Later Than Monday.

Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni told reporters today that Kobe Bryant is getting treatment and could possibly play today against the Indiana Pacers.

“Obviously, he’ll get better every day and we’ll just see. When he can go, he’ll go,” D’Antoni told reporters today.

If Kobe can’t go, sharp shooter Jodie Meeks will start in his place.

D’Antoni also provided insight on Pau Gasol’s return, stating that he can return as early as Sunday’s game against Sacramento or no later than Monday’s game against the Phoenix Suns.

– Fern Rea “@fullcourtfern”

Kobe Out With Severe Sprain After Take Out By Jones. Calls Play “Dirty”

Associated Press

Associated Press

Lakers down by 2 with 16 seconds to play. You know who’s getting the ball and so do the Atlanta Hawks. Defensive specialist Dahntay Jones is assigned the unenviable task of sticking Kobe Bryant in the closing moment of a game where a win or a tie is just one clutch shot away. Kobe’s made a career of coming through in moments like this.

Kobe makes a move, gets separation, elevates, fades away and his shot from the baseline is just off the front of the rim.

Lakers lose.

Kobe is down, holding his ankle and writhing in pain. The worse possible scenario has just unfolded. Lakers 4 game winning streak is snapped and their leader appears to be severely injured. The Lakers now move forward with their playoff hopes hanging in the balance and no assurance of when Kobe will return.

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Twitter Wars: Is Kobe’s Offense the Problem?

Kobe shooting

I was driving to pick up my daughter last night after work when I heard a few segments of some late night sports talk radio show on 710 ESPN. The host, J from Compton, led the discourse of tying the Lakers current woes to Kobe Bryant’s shot selection and volume. He mentioned other problems as well but the discussion was dominated by Kobe’s offense. It’s a tired topic that routinely resurfaces anytime a Kobe led Lakers team begins to struggle.

The continued disrespect and utter lack of appreciation of what Kobe brings is mind-boggling. Scratch that, its mind blowing, and in the bad and gory way, not the good mind blowing.

Kobe Bryant is, was and will always be a go for the throat, relentless, unconscionable, aggressive scoring machine.

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Lakers Make a Run Late But Still Fall to Clippers 107-102

The Los Angeles Clippers dominated in all of the hustle categories for the majority of the night. They killed the Los Angeles Lakers on the boards (47-36), grabbed what seemed like every offensive rebound and loose ball. The Clippers led for the entire game and had that lead reach as much as 19 points against the Lakers.

Somehow, the Clippers found themselves in ball game late in the 4th quarter.

The Lakers got within 2 points after a Kobe Bryant jumper at the top of the key with 1:29 remaining. That’s the closest that the Lakers would get.

Chris Paul put all hopes of a great Lakers come back to bed when he hit a jumper over Kobe Bryant with 0.19 seconds remaining.

Clippers beat the Lakers for the 2nd time this season, 107-102.

Chris Paul led the way for the Clippers with 30 points and 13 assists.

Kobe Bryant was again spectacular offensively Friday Night; he ended the night with 38 points and added 5 steals.
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