Roy Hibbert Removes all Doubt About Trade to Lakers

After DeAndre Jordan reneged on his verbal agreement to sign with the Dallas Mavericks and instead sign with the Los Angeles Clippers many in the media began throwing the idea around that it could affect the  Lakers trade with the Pacers to acquire Roy Hibbert.

The idea being that the Mavs would be in desperation mode and look to out do the Lakers offer and acquire Roy Hibbert in trade.

Well earlier today Roy Hibbert updated his Twitter page and which should qualm any fears from Lakers fans of any such thing happening.

Twitter: @Hoya2aPacer
Twitter: @Hoya2aPacer


The idea that the Pacers would renege in the cowardly and unprofessional way that DeAndre Jordan exhibited this off-season is pretty ridiculous considering the old school nature of Pacers’ President Larry Bird. Bird came from an era where handshake deals were common and a man’s word meant something. Jordan showed those times have changed.

As for Hibbert’s Twitter account, the only change that is needed is his handle of “Hoya2aPacer” to maybe “Pacer2aLaker”?

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