Kevin Love on the GQ Cover

Why Kevin Love to the Lakers is a Lock (Video)


The 2015 NBA Championship will soon be crowned then all the other 29 teams that fell short will get to regroup and reload once the free agency season starts in July. 

One of the biggest free agents that will likely be on the market is Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavilers. Love has an option to opt out of his contract and become an unrestricted free agent which many basketball people predict he will do but will he just test the market or re-sign with Cleveland?

After a disappointing first season in Cleveland where Love experienced near career lows during the regular season, had troubles getting along with Lebron and saw his team continue flourishing without him in the playoffs after he was ruled out with a shoulder injury we predict that he will leave the Cavs and return home to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

We provide our reasons why:

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