NBA players react to SB via twitter and instagram

NBA Players react on Social Media to dramatic SB ending

The New England Patriots won the 2015 SB on Sunday over the Seattle Seahawks, holding on to a 28-24 lead with an interception in the final 20 seconds of the game. It looked like the Seahawks were about to take the game, down by 4 but on the 1 yard line and only 2nd down with a timeout to spare, but Russell Wilson throws a short pass that is intercepted by the Patriots which seals the win. 

That final play call is being heavily criticized by seemingly everybody: NFL analyst, NFL players, fans, casual observers and just about anybody that witnessed the ending of the game. With the NBA not having any games scheduled during the game yesterday the entire league had a chance to watch the SB as well, and like many fans, players went to their social media channels to express their opinions about that last play.

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