Kobe Bryant has torn rotator cuff.

Season likely over for Kobe Bryant with news of torn rotator cuff

(Photo: Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Kobe Bryant defied the odds by completing his comeback from not only returning from 1 devastating injury but two: a torn Achilles that ended his season after 78 games in 2013 and then a fractured left knee that ended his season after just 6 games in 2014. This takes us to 2015 where Bryant played in 35 games before again succumbing to another major injury, this time a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder which will likely end his season.  

Bryant was having an up and down year in terms of his performance, struggling with his efficiency from the field early in the season and the team struggling overall. Bryant led the NBA in scoring for a short span early in the year and still ranks 9th with a 22.3 points per game average; however, those points were scored by shooting a career low in efficiency from the field at 37.3 percent.

After a few poor performances and complaints of fatigue, coach Bryon Scott decided to begin resting Bryant by having him sit out games and placing a minutes limit of 32 minutes per game which seemed to be working.

After his first 3 game hiatus which ended on December 28, Bryant turned into a different player, passing up his own shots more and distributing to teammates at a higher frequency. In the 8 games starting from 12/28, Bryant averaged 14.6 points on 13.5 field goal attempts per game, but also averaged 8.1 assists and 7.6 rebounds. The new distributor Kobe did not have an effect in the win column as the Lakers went 2-6 in those games.

The Lakers’ record is 12-31 prior to Friday’s game versus the San Antonio Spurs which places them 14th in the Western Conference and 27th in the entire NBA. The Lakers not having a realistic shot at making the playoffs this season and their much needed 2015 1st round draft pick hinging on the team landing in the top 5 of the draft order it would seem that there wouldn’t be much benefit for Bryant returning this season regardless of the prognosis from the Doctors this week.

We will learn of Kobe’s official decision on his status for the rest of the season but all the information that is currently available points to this being the end of his season and the start of yet another road to recovery.

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