Kobe feeling like himself after day one of Practice

(Photo: @Lakers Twitter )

Getting through one day of practice isn’t usually newsworthy except when it involves a player that is coming off two major leg injuries, has only played in 6 official games in over 1 year and his availability is crucial to the success of the upcoming season for the Lakers. Not only did Kobe Bryant get through coach Byron Scott’s intense 2 hour practice, he wanted more. 

Scott had warned players early on that his practice sessions would be intense, even Bryant who has endured laboring practices by former coaches Mike Brown stated that the practice today was different.

A couple of take aways from the news coming from the first day of camp in regards to Bryant is that he seems to be healthy, not showing any residual effects of either the Achilles or knee injury, and that Scott is already reining him in, making certain that he monitors and manages his level of exertion in an attempt to preserve him for the long and grueling upcoming 82 game season.

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