Quick and Condensed version of Mitch Kupchak Press Conference

(Photo: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times)

MItch Kupchak met with media on Friday to answer questions about upcoming season for the Los Angeles Lakers. We’ve selected the most interesting bits from the presser and cut down the responses down to the bare essentials.  If you would like to view the press conference in its entirety a link is provided down below. 

Thoughts on Lakers making the playoffs

“Yes we can. In fact, our goal every year is the same: to win the championship.”

What he expects from Kobe Bryant this season

“So I think you’ll see a player similar to what you saw two years ago…If that means guys got it going and we’re scoring without him, then he’ll continue to facilitate. If he feels that he does have to score, he’ll try to score and I think he will. I think he’ll be very effective.”

Assessment of Julius Randle

” I don’t think he’s great-sized. He’s got super quick feet. And I think if there’s one thing that you didn’t see as much at Kentucky as you do watching him every day is that he’s got really gifted quickness, first step, he loves contact. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes that’s not good. But he loves contact. But he’s gonna have to learn to play the game at this level.”

Julius Randle and his expectation of him this season

“Julius is still 19 years old. You wouldn’t know that by looking at him, ‘cause he’s really a well-developed, big, strong, athletic kid. You would think that at 19 years old that (impact) would be down the road. But he’s still 19 years old.”

Pursuit of Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James

“we never felt that it was realistic to think that we would get one or two. But if you don’t try, you don’t know”

Obtaining a marquee free agent in the future

“But we think the franchise, the city, our fan base, the exposure here, we have a lot to offer, and we’ll get somebody. At some point, we will.”

Kobe’s impact when paired with a marquee player

“…if we can get somebody during the season – and that’s not to say that we will – then you can have a really, really good team. So he gives you the chance, no matter the circumstances, to be really good.”

Keys to the Lakers success this season

“At the beginning, for me, a lot of our success this year is gonna rely on, of course, Steve and Kobe. And I mentioned Carlos also: three proven veterans.”

Defensive outlook

“The defensive part of the game, if you’re at the NBA at this level, you can defend. The key is being able to defend as a team. And once again, that seems to be Byron’s No. 1 priority going into the season is getting this team to defend at a high level.”

Claiming Carlos Boozer

“It was more geared toward trying to win. We didn’t say, ‘Hey, let’s put a bid in for Carlos and maybe he can help.’ Because Carlos is only 32. There’s no reason he can’t play three or four more years.”

Click here for video of the Mitch Kupchak press conference in its entirety.

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