All-NBA Teams Announced and Some Notables Left Off

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The NBA released the results of the voting for the All-NBA team and for the most part, there are no major surprises in terms of the players that made each of the respective teams. As expected, Kevin Durant and Lebron James led all players in both total points tallied by the voting and most first place votes with 125 and 124 respectively.

What some might find a bit shocking is the exclusion of some notable names: Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade, Russell Westbrook and Dirk Nowitzki were all left off this year. None of these players warranted being named to any of the All-NBA teams over those selecting, just we’ve grown accustomed to seeing these players honored as being one of the best at their position over the years and their is a bit jarring at first to not see their names on the teams.

The most eye-raising part of the voting results (at least to me) is that DeMarcus Cousins, center for the Sacramento Kings, received a first place vote. This means that a voter out there, when filling out the forward section for the 1st team passed over Joakim Noah and felt that DeMarcus Cousins was more deserving of the honor. Jason Jackson of Suns Sports is the voter responsible for the atrocity.

If you would like to see the official voting and each participant’s voting selections you can view it on or click here.

2013-14 All-NBA First Team

Position – Player Name – Team – (1st place votes) – total points

Forward | Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City (125) | 625

Forward | LeBron James, Miami (124) | 623

Center | Joakim Noah, Chicago (101) | 551

Guard | James Harden, Houston (73) | 502

Guard | Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers (86) | 540

2013-14 All-NBA Second Team

Forward | Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers (5) | 350

Forward | Kevin Love, Minnesota (2) | 237

Center | Dwight Howard, Houston (9) | 226

Guard | Stephen Curry, Golden State (65) | 489

Guard | Tony Parker, San Antonio (14) | 210

2013-14 All-NBA Third Team

Forward | Paul George, Indiana (4) | 171

Forward | LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland (2) | 159

Center | Al Jefferson, Charlotte (4) | 191

Guard | Goran Dragic, Phoenix (1) | 115

Guard | Damian Lillard, Portland (2) | 115

Other players receiving votes, with point totals: Carmelo Anthony, New York, 86 (1 First Team vote); John Wall, Washington, 70; Tim Duncan, San Antonio, 63 (1); DeMar DeRozan, Toronto, 56; Anthony Davis, New Orleans, 40 (1); Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas, 37 (1); Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City, 32 (1); Kyle Lowry, Toronto, 29; DeAndre Jordan, L.A. Clippers, 21; Roy Hibbert, Indiana, 17; Marc Gasol, Memphis, 16 (2); DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento, 14 (1); Kyrie Irving, Cleveland, 7; Dwyane Wade, Miami, 6; Mike Conley, Memphis, 4; Serge Ibaka, Oklahoma City, 4; Zach Randolph, Memphis, 4; Joe Johnson, Brooklyn, 4; Lance Stephenson, Indiana, 3; Ty Lawson, Denver, 2; Paul Millsap, Atlanta, 2; Chris Bosh, Miami, 1; Andre Drummond, Detroit, 1; Monta Ellis, Dallas, 1; Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio, 1.

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