OC Register Report of Lakers Retaining Mike D’Antoni still not Official

(Justin Lane, EPA)

Call it wishful thinking. Call it denial. What I definitely want to make sure not to call it is official.

Mark Heisler of the Orange County Register reported earlier today that he Lakers brass has made its decision and have decided not to fire Mike D’Antoni as many expected. Heisler wrote: 

“After 10 days of soul searching, the key figures in Lakers management are agreed on bringing back D’Antoni for a third season as coach, a source with knowledge of the deliberations told the Register.”

Heisler is a long time, Hall-of-Fame writer, is well respected in the industry; however, he’s no longer working as a full time writer/reporter and serves more as a contributor to sites like OCR and Forbes. With him no longer being entrenched in the day to day happenings with the Lakers it leaves a glimpse of hope that his sources just aren’t as reliable as they once were and got this report of D’Antoni returning wrong. That is the hope of many Lakers fans anyway.

We’ll stay tuned for an official announcement or confirmation from the Lakers regarding Mike D’Antoni’s status.

 Update 4/25/14 11:03PM Pacific

Sam Amick of USA Today reported that Mike D’Antoni is pushing for the Lakers to pick up his option for the 4th year in his contract.

Also, both Sam Amick and Ramona Shelburne of ESPN have reported that their sources have informed them that the Laker have not decided on the future of Mike D’Antoni which refutes Heisler’s early report that the Lakers have decided on bringing D’Antoni back.

– Fern Rea

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