Lakers Give Thanks to the Fans for Support with Team Photo

(Photo: Jordan Farmar’s Instagram, @jrfarmar)

The Los Angeles Lakers were understandably ecstatic on their plane ride leaving Utah after beating the Jazz, 119-104 Monday night and it showed in an impromptu team photo posted by Jordan Farmar on his Instagram account.

“Been a long year, but we got through! 1 more!!! Lakernation, thanks for all the support… ” Read the caption on the photo

While many Lakers fans weren’t in quite the same mood following the game considering they are hoping for a high draft pick in the upcoming NBA Draft and winning only reduces the chances of that happening, the Laker players couldn’t care less about ping pong balls or lottery odds; after last night performance in Utah, they proved that tanking is not an option.

The Lakers got incredible performances by Nick Young and Jodie Meeks who finished with 41 and 23 points respectively. Jordan Hill continued to show that he can be a consistent game to game performer as a starter, finishing with 21 points and 6 rebounds.

While last night’s win hurt the Lakers in the draft lottery standings, almost making their slot in the 6th position a certainty, it did show the character that some of these guys have. It showed that they won’t lay down and accept losing. It showed that they have fight, moxie and a sense of professionalism. I don’t know if those flashes of commendable attributes help more than the increased odds in the draft lottery where the future of a franchise can be changed by the simple luck of the draw, but it was still nice to see.

What many fans need to accept is that some of these players on the Lakers roster will return next year and those qualities that were on display last night is desired in a player. You want guys that do not accept losing even when it might be what everybody surrounding the franchise wants to occur. These guys showed something last night that should be commended, appreciated and even celebrated.

Forgetting about the lost opportunity for additional ping pong balls for a moment, last night’s win was pretty damn fun to watch. Laker players playing hard, smiling, hitting big shots, breaking ankles and at the end actually winning. Well that’s something we haven’t enjoyed all season long, for a moment it should be appreciated and joyous for the fans, as it obviously was for the players as we can see by the massive smiles on their faces in their team photo.

Farmar Instagram Team 1

– Fern Rea

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