Lakers Report: Lakers Extend Mitch Kupchak to Multi-Year Deal


As the Los Angeles Lakers finish up their worst season since moving to Los Angeles, they’ve made certain that they have secured the person that will be most responsible for rebuilding the Lakers. It was reported Friday night evening that the Lakers have extended Mitch Kupchak’s contract as the team’s General Manager.

Mitch Kupchak took over for Jerry West and was the person at the helm during the Shaquille O’Neal trade to Miami that left the Lakers rebuilding around Kobe Bryant from scratch. In just 5 seasons following the Shaq trade, Kupchak put together another championship team, winning back to back championships in 2009 and 2010.

Kupchak is credited for numerous masterful trades during his tenure including bringing in Pau Gasol from Memphis, Trevor Ariza from Orlando, Dwight Howard from Orlando and Chris Paul from New Orleans before the trade was veto’d by then NBA commissioner David Stern.

Kupchak will now face arguably his toughest challenge as Lakers’ GM by trying to rebuild the team again, this time with a much older and not as healthy Kobe Bryant and a ton of question marks in terms of the remaining rosters spots. Rightfully so, the Lakers front office showed their vote of confidence in Kupchak by signing him to a multi year deal.

– Fern Rea

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