2014 NBA Draft Prospect Evaluation: Jabari Parker

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We continue our coverage of the prospects for this upcoming 2014 NBA Draft which is set to take place on June 26, 2014. This week we take a look at Duke Freshman forward, Jabari Parker.

Parker had a disappointing end to his season, losing to massive underdog Mercer in the tournament. Parker ended the game with 14 points on 4 for 14 shooting, and was routinely taken out of the game late for defensive purposes. The poor end to the season has some believing that Parker might opt to stay for his sophomore season. Parker will have time to mull it over as his decision won’t be due until April 27th which is the deadline for early entry eligibility for the NBA draft.

Evan Mielke covers College Basketball for Raining3s.com and provides his analysis of Jabari Parker.

Raining3s’ 2014 NBA Draft Evaluation: Jabari Parker

Photo: Rob Kinnan, USA TODAY Sports
Photo: Rob Kinnan, USA TODAY Sports

Jabari Parker (19 years old, Freshman SF/PF, Duke University via Chicago, IL)

Physical tools:

6’8 and almost 240 pounds, Jabari Parker is quite imposing. Tack on a reach of 7’0 and he becomes a nightmare. He eats up contact in the lane like Raymond Felton at an all-you-can-eat cheeseburger and mayo buffet.

You Tube Highlights:


Athletic ability:

Good leaper and rock-solid finisher. Relatively quick for his size. Above average endurance for his size. Has a nose for rebounding the ball, which translates well to the NBA. Massive wingspan points to defensive potential.

Playmaking ability:

Usually draws a double-team, and Parker is quite good at passing out of it. Second only to Andrew Wiggins in transition offense ability. Parker will average at least 4 assists his rookie season in the NBA because of the lanes and spacing, unavailable to him currently in the NCAA.

Overall passing:

Average. Hasn’t quite figured out entry passes to the post. Makes the extra pass around the perimeter when needed.


Outside shooting ability:

A surprising percentage of Parker’s long range shots are spot-up, but he has the stroke and the confidence to hit multiple deep threes in succession. On the perimeter, his height and reach make him effectively unguardable at the college level.

Ability to get own shot:

Unparalleled in this draft class. Off the dribble is where he really excels. Mature and calculated footwork, especially from midrange and the tenacity and frame to go hard after offensive rebounds and put backs.


Parker’s greatest weakness. He’s not particularly adept at lateral movement, as such he has difficulty staying in front of most perimeter players, especially smaller, quicker guards. This is concerning for any team that emphasizes a defensive mindset.

Basketball IQ and intangibles:

Parker has a scorer’s mindset, and he can impose himself offensively on a game better than any other player in the NCAA. When his shot is on, he is shades of Carmelo Anthony in 2003.

Projected draft position: 2


Projected position in the NBA: Small Forward


Comparable NBA player: Carmelo Anthony


– Evan Mielke (draft evaluation)


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