Breaking News: Phil Jackson Joins Knicks Front Office


We have heard rumors all week that Phil Jackson was in negotiations with the New York Knicks to run the club’s basketball operations. Stephen A. Smith and Chris Broussard both reported┬áthat the deal was eminent per their sources. All week as the speculation continued and rumors were bandied about, Lakers’ fans freaked and wanted, hoped, prayed that this was solely a power move by Phil to elicit a response from the Lakers brass, namely, Jim Buss. Days past by and nothing from the Lakers’ front office.

Well, it appears that it is now official; NBA analyst Greg Anthony on NBA TV broke the news just a few minutes ago that Phil Jackson has officially joined the Knicks Front Office Staff. With that news it also officially puts to bed any hope that Phil Jackson will return to the Lakers in any capacity.

It’s great news for the New York Knicks and their fan base to have Phil Jackson on board and what could only be seen as moving in a positive direction. For the Lakers, it just brings more questions about their direction and future.

– Fern Rea