Women of Lakers Fandom: Fitness Focused and Driven, Karina Rodriguez

(photo: Instagram, @karina_manuela)
(photo: Instagram, @karina_manuela)

An hour of a group exercise class or weight lifting session is your typical workout for most; for Karina, it’s a warm up.

Karina’s workout schedule throughout the week is intense and split into two segments per day. In NFL training camps they call it 2 a days when you split your workouts into a morning and afternoon workout, but for Karina is just another day in the week.

Photo: Instagram, @karina_manuela
Photo: Instagram, @karina_manuela

This is how her week usually goes:

Workout regimen: 5 days of Cardio. 6 days of weight training.

Workout schedule:
Sunday: Zumba + Legs.
Monday: Zumba + Shoulders.
Tuesday: Zumba.
Wednesday: Chest and Abs.
Thursday: Zumba + Legs.
Friday: Plyometrics + Abs.
Saturday: Triceps and Biceps.
Diet: Karina eat small meals every 2.5 – 3 hours, trying to avoid processed foods and have a greater protein to carbohydrate ratio.
“My weakness is pizza and sweets.” Karina states.
You guys think you can keep up with Karina during her workouts? I doubt it but you be the judge:

Dumbbell Rows: 

Decline crunches with weight and dips: 

Stationary Lunges on the Smith Machine: 

Lower Ab Workout: 


Photo: Instagram, @karina_manuela
Photo: Instagram, @karina_manuela

Many young girls perception of what is beautiful is gathered from what they see on TV, movies and magazines, then attempt to emulate that same beauty by acquiring the same clothes, accessories, make-up and hair styles. What we hope to show with women like Karina is that beauty and success is not attained through material items, but is actually the end result and reward of hard work, dedication and drive.

Karina is the perfect example of an everyday woman, one person amongst the crowd of a large fan base, doing the amazing of building a stellar physique, reaching her educational goals and finding a rewarding career in fitness that she loves. It is not something that catches the attention in the same manner as those star athletes that we shell hundreds to see, but a feat nonetheless. In a sense, her feat is actually more significant since it is attainable to all who display the same work ethic and motivation, whereas most of us can’t perform the things we see our superstar athletes do in their respective sport. It is that potential to inspire others to do what can be done that makes Karina’s story one that should be heard and a face that should be seen.

Photo: Instagram, karina_manuela
Photo: Instagram, karina_manuela

If you are interested in keeping up with Karina, you can follow her on Instagram at, @karina_manuela.

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