Kobe Shares His Valentine’s Day Gift of Vanessa on Instagram

Photo: Instagram, @kobebryant
Photo: Instagram, @kobebryant

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Kobe posted a photo of his wife, Vanessa, in some very revealing and smoking hot, black intimate apparel. I would describe Vanessa’s racy outfit as a bodysuit with straps that cross cross over the body with a matching black panty. Whatever the accurate description is, she looks great.

Kobe provided the following caption with the photo:

#QueenMamba @ladyvb24 Celebrate the one you love#myvalentine happy valentines day to all #blessings

Kobe is obviously very proud of his wife and felt compelled to share his good fortune on Valentine’s Day with the his fans. As of 27 minutes after he posted the picture on Instagram, 33.1 k of those fans on Instagram greatly appreciated it. That number is surely to grow exponentially throughout the night.

– Fern Rea @raining3sdotcom on Twitter