Video: 40 Year Old Nash Crosses Over 25 Year Old Turner

TWC Sportsnet
TWC Sportsnet

Steve Nash turned 40 yesterday and celebrated his birthday by taking it to the Philadelphia 76ers. Nash scored 19 points in a 112-98 Lakers victory. Evan Turner, who is almost young enough to be Nash’s son, probably thought he and the other crop of young 76ers guard had an easy night staying in front of the aging veteran. It didn’t quite play out that way Friday night.

In the closing minutes of the 2nd quarter, Turner gets Nash all alone by the right elbow and then gets done as if he was Nash’s son getting taught a lesson by dad in the backyard hoop.

Nash might be 40, but he’s a Hall of Famer and still has a lot basketball left. Turner had to get schooled by Nash to find that out.

– Fern Rea

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