Great ‘Forever Kobe’ NBA ‘Big’ Spot – But What About the Dunk?

The NBA’s tagline in their newest campaign is “Big” and showcases Kobe Bryant in their most recent spot. The 30 second commercial starts off with a young Kobe wearing the old number 8 jersey taking off, cocking his arm back and about to bring down a thunderous dunk on the head of the poor sap known as Todd MacColloch from the New Jersey Nets. The play is from game 1 of the 2002 NBA Finals, where the Los Angeles Lakers went on to sweep the Nets in 4 games to win their third straight NBA championship.

Great spot but what about the payoff? We don’t get to see the end result in the commercial. Well, here it is for those like me that need the climatic ending.

Love Bill Walton: “Oh my gosh! Throw it down Kobe. Throw it down. ”

– Fern Rea

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