Lakers Sustain Energy This Time and Top Jazz 102-84

After the team meeting that occurred prior to the Memphis Grizzlies game on Wednesday, there was talk from the Los Angeles Lakers that their quarrels with shots and roles in the in the offense were behind them. There was also talk from players that there was going to be a renewed focus on defense, energy and winning going forward. For about 6 minutes into the game it seemed like the Lakers were following through on their earlier promises; it didn’t last long as the Lakers were thoroughly out worked and blown out by the Grizzlies the rest of the way.

That wasn’t the case Friday Night as the Lakers were able to sustain the energy and team play from start to finish. The Lakers beat the Utah Jazz easily, 102-84. The Lakers end their 4 game losing streak.

Kobe Bryant played his best all around game of the season and was looking to get players involved early. Kobe scored 14 points and handed out a season high 14 assist. Kobe was 1 rebounds short of a triple double, ending with 9 boards.

Dwight Howard didn’t show any lasting effects of his shoulder injury that he re-aggravated in the Memphis game. Dwight ended the game with 17 points and 13 rebounds.

The Lakers have a much tougher match up on Sunday when they face the Oklahoma City Thunder at Staples Center.

– Fern Rea