Kobe Tweets During Replay of His 81 Point Game on NBA TV

81 point game kobe

Today marks the 7 year anniversay of Kobe’s astonishing 81 point game against the Toronto Raptors. The game will air on NBA TV and Kobe Bryant will tweet live during the replay.  We’ll display all of Kobe’s tweets here and provide our own commentary as we see necessary.

    • Its hard to believe this is really his first time. I would guess it is probably the first time he sat and watched the entire game from start to finish.

  • These were the Toronto Raptors, their rotations were never sharp.

  • Someone call Papa John’s and Crush Soda cause after the woefull shooting these past 3 games Kobe needs some of whatever got him going on that 81 point night.

  • Kobe went 28 for 46 from the field, 7 for 13 from 3 point land and 18 for 20 from the free throw line, so there was plenty of opportunity for Kobe to reach 100 points on the night.

  • Some Kobe haters would probably say it hurts  him to pass as much as passing kidney stones.

  • I wonder if Lamar also told him Kobe he couldn’t get 90, then after the game clowned Kobe for not getting 90.

  • I dont see the need to poke fun of Luke Walton’s disaster of haircut. When you HAVE to score 81 points against a team like the Toronto Raptors at home that is pretty embarrassing for his teammates as it is.

  • I wonder what the reaction of the Lakers fans at Staples Center are giving Kobe now a days?

  • We know he wasn’t thinking of how nice it would be to be married. It would be 7 years before Phil popped the question to long time girlfriend and Lakers executive, Jeannie Buss.