Raining 3s Twine-Tickler of the day – 12/27/11 – Ray Allen


Twine-Tickler of the day is the player that was scorching the nets from the
outside on game day. The deeper the shot, the more the tickling of the twine gets occurs.
Efficiency, range and volume are emphasized in this award.

Ray Allen is quiet possibly the greatest shooter to have ever played in the NBA so it should be no surprise that he out shined all NBA ballers yesterday in terms of twine arousal. His 28 point effort couldn’t help the Celtics get their first win of the season,  but Ray’s ball looked good raining down last night.

Stat Line from 12/27 game vs. Miami Heat (loss 107 – 115):

Points: 28

From the field: 8 – 12, 66.6 %

From 3 point land: 6 – 8, 75.0 %

From the stripe: 6 – 6, 100.0 %