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Jim Buss to Step Down if it doesn’t work, he tells LA Times


The Los Angeles Lakers are in a position they are not accustomed to being in since Dr. Jerry Buss purchased the franchise back in 1979, and that is being in a state of uncertainty. Uncertain of the direction of the Lakers going forward and lacking confidence in the leadership that has succeeded Dr. Buss is what causes uneasiness with the Lakers fan base which include season ticket holders, casual fans, die hard fans, former Laker players that still have love for the team and those that cover the Lakers.  Continue reading


Mitch Kupchak: Open to trading Draft Pick and re-signing Pau a Priority


The Los Angeles Lakers have been conducing exit interviews since Thursday and following the completion of those interviews General Manager Mitch Kupchak held a press conference to answer questions about the current state of the team, status of coach Mike D’Antoni and the team’s plan for the immediate future. Continue reading

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