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Equal Opportunity Development Plan is Holding Back Jordan Clarkson

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The Los Angeles Lakers are 14 games into what is turning out to be their 3rd straight disastrous season. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise to most as the Lakers were projected towards the bottom of most NBA prognosticators’ power rankings for the upcoming season.

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The Lakers Development of the Youth is Going Just Fine

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If you follow Lakers’ beat writers on any social media channel or listen to local sports talk radio in Los Angeles the message that has consistently been hammered down the throat of fans is that the Lakers developing the young talent is paramount this season and everything else needs to take a back seat including winning.  Continue reading

Julius Randle earns starting spot but D'Angelo Russell might have not.

Randle Played Himself into Starting Line-up; Russell Might have Played Himself Out

The Los Angeles Lakers season tips off on Wednesday and in preparation they are shoring up their roster by making final cuts and setting their starting line-up. It seemed that the coaching staff had already decided on the starting 5 which was the line-up that they rolled out there for the first 2 games of the pre-season: Randle, Bryant, Hibbert, Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell. Continue reading

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